HR & Consultancy Services

HR & Consultancy Services

Only Henry Schein could bring together industry-leading consultants, HR specialists, coaching programs, and solutions to better understand your unique needs and offer real results. This approach allows you to reach your goals and build the future you have always envisioned. 

  • Customer Success Programme - Henry Schein Associated Partner

    Your Journey to Greatness. Implementing new software at a dental practice involves significant change, whether you are installing systems for the first time or changing provider. This journey affects the whole practice team and if left unmanaged you can spend longer learning the system, fixing issues and 'guessing' at best-practice: at a cost to your business in terms of productivity.


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    At Software of Excellence we work with you to closely manage this change, meaning your journey to increased productivity is planned, controlled and fast-tracked. Best-practice behaviour is reinforced, your objectives are listened to and KPIs are tracked to demonstrate your ROI.

    Your switch to Software of Excellence will lead to tangible business outcomes as you work together with your Customer Success Consultant and a supporting team of experts over 12 months; turning your practice into a great business and ensuring you get the most from your new business partner.


    "The overall conversion, the planning, the attention to detail, the engagement with staff, the reports that were written, the candour in correspondence, the regularity of communication, was excellent and made the whole process seamless." Mayur Pandya, Dental Care Group

  • Horton Consulting

    Horton Consulting provides world-class training for the entire dental team. Renowned for expertise in Treatment Coordination Laura delivers training in a hybrid way to support every type of practice and team.


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    Horton Consulting provides world-class training for the entire dental team.
    Renowned for expertise in Treatment Coordination Laura delivers training in a hybrid way to support every type of practice and team.

    Training can take place online through

    Practice Club – training for owners, manager, dentists and receptions

    Treatment Coordinator Club – dedicating training for Treatment Coordinators

    Training with Laura takes place in a hybrid way through virtual training and in practice or a combination of both.

    Download the free PDF to gain access to Laura’s vision plans for the following roles and for more information

    Treatment Coordinators
    Implant Coordinators

  • Mark Topley - Go Practice Green

    Responsible in collaboration with Practice Green from Henry Schein Dental are creating pathways to greener, more responsible dentistry, offering tailored support to enhance your dental practice’s sustainability.


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    Our range includes online programmes, courses, and direct advice to match your practice’s unique requirements, team dynamics, and financial plan. Engage with 'Go Practice Green,' our straightforward, online programme, for effective, budget-friendly steps toward environmental responsibility. We aim to ease the transition to a sustainable future, providing clear guidance throughout.

    Collaborate with us to transform your dental practice into a model of sustainability and responsibility.

    Henry Schein customers can enjoy a lifetime discount of 20% on their subscription!

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  • Petaurum HR

    Why is HR important in your Business? There is no denying that people are your greatest asset and looking after them is key to helping your practice succeed and grow. Clearly setting out what is expected and treating everyone fairly fosters not only a great work environment, but also a happy, loyal and performing team, all of which will ensure you hold onto your staff and help attract new clients to your practice.


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    Petaurum Solutions have developed a series of HR Support packages that will make sure your practice not only remains compliant and protected from both legislative and reputational risk, but also can adapt to your practice’s growing needs. 

    Range of HR Support Packages

    Petaurum Solutions HR support packages have been developed by their team of professionals with many years of collective experience in helping businesses succeed. Each package has been designed to help your practice both now and for the future.

    HR Assure is tailored to help practices protect themselves from reputational and financial risk, while at the same time complying with legal employment responsibilities. With HR Assure your practice will benefit from a standard Offer Letter and Contract of Employment, supporting forms, a standard suite of Employment Policies and free access to our employee benefits platform, Benefits Cloud - standard package

    HR Maintain is tailored to help practices not only protect themselves with all the benefits of the HR Assure package, but also provides on-demand access through a telephone helpline to Petaurum Solutions' HR professionals for advice and support when issues or questions arise, along with a further range of standard templates and documents.

    HR Develop is a custom package designed to meet your own individual practice needs and ensure your team is set-up for success.  Petaurum Solutions will work with you to develop a rolling programme of value-add activities that will maximise productivity by helping everyone to work towards common goals.  HR Develop will help turn your plans into reality, putting your people at the heart of your success.

    When people are your biggest asset and investment, why leave managing their performance to chance? Submit an enquiry today to be contacted by Petaurum Solutions about the type of HR Support Package that is right for your practice.

    Henry Schein Dental customers receive 10-20% discount on Petaurum Solutions HR Packages

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