We have a range of webinars from our Business Solutions partners that are available for you to watch at a time that works for you.  

Learning Opportunities

Is CSR compulsory?

Not yet, but the government has a clear sustainability agenda and these targets are starting to trickle down into dentistry. Already the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have two or three questions which they ask practices around their CSR. It is light touch at present but it’s not hard to envisage how this might become a requirement in the future.

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In this webinar, our digital partner, Xcelerator Dental, will give you some takeaways to boost your SEO (search engine optimisation) performance.


  • 90% of practices are not doing any of the key things they should to ensure they are positioned as the practice of choice in their area. We'll cover all of this and give you the tools you need to get more patients through Google.
  • The search landscape changes rapidly and if you aren’t keeping up-to-date, you will be missing out on cost-effective growth. In December 2021, Google made the largest update to how they rank dental practices, in 5 years. Did you adapt your strategy accordingly?
  • 60% of prospective dental patients searching on Google won't leave the search results page; we'll show you what you need to be doing to make sure they choose you.
  • Most practices focus on ‘being Number One in Google’ - this isn’t going to get you efficient returns


David will show you:

  • How to adopt a Local Business approach to your SEO
  • How to get free advertising for your dental practice on Google
  • A work plan to get more new patient leads for your practice through your Google Business Profile
  • How you will get more leads than your competitors even if you’re not number one
  • How to measure if what you are doing is working



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Join Lloyds Bank Cardnet as we journey through the payments landscape to understand how payments have evolved over the last few years. We will look at the dramatic increase in card payments and the impact this has had on businesses of all sizes, from micro merchants to global corporates, and what they have done to stay relevant. 

We will then discover what these changes have meant for dentists, how this data could impact your business and explore how you can start taking payments with Lloyds Bank Cardnet.

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Over the last few years we have seen an influx of new providers to the dental indemnity market and a wide range of products which has coincided with profound changes in the way dentists buy indemnity cover with more dentists than ever moving away from the traditional defence bodies. We are seeing conflicting information circulating around what covers are best as well as a wide range of differences between providers’ offerings and also their capabilities to deliver the highest standards of support and cover to dental professionals.


Following this webinar you should be able to make better informed decisions around what cover best suits your needs. You will also become more familiar with some of the terminology used which will help identify potential red-flags and areas to challenge with your indemnity provider. The ultimate goal is to ensure that all dentists can practise with confidence knowing that you have the highest standards of cover and support in place, so that a more effective defence can be provided or patients who have a genuine claim can be properly compensated.


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Imagine if you had a simple system that gave you a steady stream of new patients, recommendations, reviews and referrals. What would this mean to your practice and your profits ?

How good are you at asking for referrals, recommendations and reviews? Imagine if you could create a never ending, cost free supply of perfect, pre-qualified new patients: Zero marketing spend, Easy & Effortless - What would that be worth to you?

If you were constantly receiving 5 star google reviews that gave the readers a true sense of what you are about and influenced them to choose you as their practice - What would it mean to you?


Watch Dr Barry Oulton from The Confident Dentist to discover more

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The CSR Advantage addresses your business’ next big challenge and how to turn it to an opportunity.

You can't ignore the fact that society is becoming more critical of businesses that fail to 'act responsibly’.
Patients and staff are looking at you for the hallmarks of a trustworthy business - positive work culture, environmental responsibility and a role in the community and with charities.

Whether you consider yourself ‘charitable’ or not, you cannot argue with the numbers - 88% of consumers now expect social and environmental responsibility as an integral part of every business - no matter how big or small.

This webinar will explain how CSR helps us create a responsible, purpose driven business where people love to come to work, and patients love to attend. CSR is all about taking a structured, intentional approach in a carefully planned way, so that the business cares for its people, the environment and the community. It creates a deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are part of something which does the right thing - every single day.

Mark Topley will explain how, as well as showing you the simple, practical steps you can take, no matter your starting point.

To give attendees a grasp of the fundamentals of CSR and inspire them to take action and take a structured approach to caring for their people, their environment and their community.

Learning objectives
During the presentation, attendees will learn:

  • What CSR is, and the five areas of impact - People, Charity, Community, Environment, Communications
  • Why CSR is important for patients and potential patients looking for a dentist they can trust
  • Why it’s important for attracting and retaining high quality, purpose driven people, especially those under 35
  • How to cover all the areas of CSR without having to become an expert in a quick, simple and effective way that takes the thinking off your desk

GDC learning outcomes (A,B,C,D)
The presentation links closely to the 'well led’ Key Lines Of Enquiry for CQC - setting culture, strong leadership, an engaged team etc. For ECPD, it sits firmly in Development Outcome B.

Speaker bio 

Mark Topley helps business owners and managers to grow their leadership, teams and business with CSR. 

Mark is the former CEO of Bridge2Aid, a qualified educator and a Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Professionals. His vision is for every business to be purpose-driven and responsibly-led. 

He sits on the judging panel for the Dental Industry and the Private Dentistry Awards, and writes regularly at TheCSRCoach.uk



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It’s amazing to consider that a significant business investment, such as a new building, equipment or technology, would never be made without a business case setting out how it will be utilised and a return on investment realised. 

So why is it, that given the investment Practices make in their people (salary, pension, benefits, training etc.) many don’t have a clear people plan; one that will align their activities with business success. Simon Sinek famously wrote in his book on inspirational leadership “If you hire people just because they can do a job they will work for your money; but if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you, with blood sweat and tears.”

This embodies the true value of HR and this webinar will explore how the right HR support and advice can add value to your Practice, from ensuring that you comply with all your legal obligations as an employer, through to understanding you and your business, not only now but for the future.  The ‘human’ aspect of HR is too often missed - join this webinar to find out how to put your people at the heart of your success.


The webinar will cover the following:

  • Dispelling some common HR myths
  • What does HR actually do
  • The real cost of doing HR yourself
  • Current HR issues and challenges
  • Some things to consider


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In this webinar, Rebecca Waters from Initial Medical, reiterates proper waste management practice protocols in dental practices by talking through waste colour coding, proper waste segregation and how to follow the Department of Health’s colour code for best practice waste disposal.

There are slides dedicated to each colour in the colour code, identifying which items typically fall under each category, why this is the case, and how these types of wastes should be disposed of to ensure that everybody is on the same page when it comes to waste disposal and can correctly identify which waste stream belongs where.

There is a focus on how correct waste management is better for the environment and how following these protocols can help limit environmental impact of waste in various ways. Finally, the webinar explores how managing your waste this way will help professionals to save money and streamline the waste management process.

  • To understand correct waste segregation
  • To understand the environmental impact of waste
  • To know how to save money with correct waste management
  • To see how Initial Medical can help achieve cost-effective and efficient waste management


Speaker details:

Rebecca Waters, BSc, Category Manager, Initial Medical

Rebecca has worked in the Healthcare sector for the past 17 years and was a Research Chemist with Bayer Cropscience prior to joining Rentokil Initial in 2003. Rebecca keeps up to date on all developments within the clinical and dental waste management industry and is an active member of the CIWM, HWMA and BDIA.



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How are patients going to engage with your practice as restrictions are reduced? Will they still expect a contactless journey or not? The post lockdown world prompts many questions and we are here to help.

Join Ross Drynan, Dentally’s Customer Success Manager, as he shares some simple and effective steps to help reduce patient effort, communicate effectively all whilst driving business success through best practice.

This webinar will cover the following topics: 
•    Reducing patient effort
•    Communicating effectively 
•    Driving business success 


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In this webinar Simon Gambold from Engage the Team will talk to you about understanding the basics of leadership, the steps you can take to improve your leadership skills and more fully engage the team you work with to create a more productive, happier and patient friendly practice. 


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In this webinar we have not just one but two of our Business Solutions partners: Henry Schein Financial Services and Spot On Business Planning. Both of our partners will discuss how they can help you to achieve financial success using various approaches including reviewing current loans, strategic business planning, understanding your business numbers and competitive finance options for those important purchases.


Save Money, Maximise Profit with Henry Schein Financial Services



• Competitive finance to purchase dental practices

• Review your current practice acquisition loans – potential cash savings

• Wide range of competitive facilities for equipment purchases


Planning for Control & Success with Spot On Business Planning


Covid hit unexpectedly and fast. Its immediate impact and longer-term implications made dental business owners realise:

• That they aren’t close enough to their numbers

• That their particular business model had implications on their ability to weather the storm

• That cash can run out quickly

• That they did not ‘run’ their business, it ran them

• That visibility and control – a plan – reduced risk and stress!


In this short webinar and using real examples to illustrate, Andy McDougall and Anne-Marie Houston from Spot On Business Planning will take you through the four stages of business planning, and how understanding and influencing your business numbers leads to financial success and reduced stress.

Whether you are just starting your career as a dental practice owner or looking to maximise your exit value – and every scenario in between – you will find this webinar thought-provoking and transformative to your approach to dental business management.


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The team's roles in practice have changed a great deal in the last few years.

With the emergence of new technology and a great emphasis on incoming leads via online enquires traditional tasks have now been shared across the team members in the practice.

The role of the traditional receptionist has changed somewhat. 

Even the role of the Treatment Coordinator is multi-faceted with many TCOs working in advanced ways, using their dental nurse skills to support the patients and dentists.

In this webinar, Laura Horton will discuss how the roles of the front of house and the treatment coordinator can now cross over and interlock to support the conversion of patients through online enquires and retention of patients


Laura will share with you her top tips for:

  • Handling and converting online enquires 
  • Retaining patients through practice membership plans once they have attended an appointment in the practice


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This is not about CQC!... but is just as important.
Crysp takes away the headache of caring for your property compliance needs, bringing the perfect blend of an intuitive digital compliance platform and human expertise, aptitude and support including e-Learning, your annual Statutory Fire Risk Assessment and Workplace Health & Safety Audit, and for a limited time, our Covid-19 Risk Assessment to ensure your workplace is both safe and secure. 
We exist to create safe spaces for your colleagues and customers. How? By putting compliance at your fingertips through a customisable dashboard that gives you total sight of your organisation's compliance and risk status in one place, including the physical element of your statutory workplace inspection.
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